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Date: November 9th, 2011
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Film and Product Placements

Today, advertising is seen everywhere and everything. There is possibly no way you can escape something through advertisements on television, billboards, bus benches, internet sites, and even films. How you may ask? Large companies like, Tide Detergent or Doritos, choose to plant their products in films to get recognition and to boost revenue sales. Sometimes its done strategically and carefully, but other times it just obvious sans Doritos bag.

There are many films that take part of a sponsorship from multiple major companies but it just doesn’t just end with junk food.

According to Thought Catalog, earlier this year, un-named companies spent about $45 million in just brand and product placement in the next James Bond Film. It is reported to be the most expensive product placement in cinema history! Isn’t that crazy? $45 million in JUST product placements. However, seeing how any James Bond movie is, there is a lot of chase, but also a lot of products (Luxury cars, hotels, dining spots, weapons, etc) and many that others do not know!

One movie I think that is done quite humorously, is Talledega Nights featuring Will Ferrell and numerous other stars that remotely, make fun of product placements in films. One scene in particular, is when the family is all eating lunch or dinner. If you take one snap shot of it, there are MANY well known American brands we see.

Talledega 300x190 Film and Product Placements

(Photo courtesy of :Groucho Review)

NASCAR is known for many sponsorships and this movie classically captures the power of the super brands!

Although this movie parodies product placement, there are many other movies out there that have brands that are not quite obvious.

Do you think Films (unlike the one above) is losing quality due to mass eruption of product placements?

enjoy a scene of that movie via Youtube

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