Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: tools

Mobile Scanning- the Next Marketing Tool!

Have you ever seen these weird bar codes on a print ad or label?

these print scans are the next thing in mobile marketing. The product is basically a get a weblink from this phone and get more instant updated on anything.

The scans can be posted on print, labels, tags, mostly anything paper can be on.

These scans also come with sticky adhesive and can be marketed anywhere.

As Long as you have a smartphone that can take a picture, it will make your phone go into the website.

Scans like this also have coupons where you can just scan it and get an instant coupon.


Here is how it works, thanks for the video, Please disregard the language!


0 Mobile Scanning  the Next Marketing Tool!

Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: network

three things to network successfully

To network specifically, here are some quick things to make sure you’re doing it correctly!

1) Location

Make sure you’re going to the right thing. Mixers can help you and there are usually some that focus on small businesses for example if you’re starting out. It will make and general alot and with sometimes over 25-100 businesses, there is alot of variety where you can find people and connect with. Although networking general business growth tend to have low return,  networking g with groups can be worthwhile!

2) human Nature

Kind of weird to say, but newtorking mizers are bad some times. all they do is talk about one another!~ Well the only thing you can really do is make time and comitment to have a desire to get some business in the long run.

find a solution if you have a problem,  having an association to have their tendency and able to compile thoughts, you’re on the right track to do so.

3) Prospect, not you!

networking is about relationships, and relationships are built on respect and connecting with one . Being ablet o engage in a conversation where both parties are able to elaborate on what’s going on, and how to make a connection is key to networing.

Also having a solid background on what your saying could bring revenue and investment if done correctly!

Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: Beauty, Marketing, Mobile


Beauty and Smartphones are creating new buzz.

In the video above shows iphone users and an Ad in Vogue Magazine where you can see a make up tutorial if you put the iphone on the silouette.

I guess there are a lot of Iphone users now and that the make up company created such a good marketing campaign.

Many people today have smart phones and through technology  there is a lot of digital interaction.

This is such a great marketing strategy because with this, consumers are able to see how the make up is applied and how the colors work.

Instead of having the product itself, they can see how it is and have video interaction with it.

Great way of marketing and promotin this product.

I am seeing maybe this could be another way to lure more people into getting smart phones (or iphones alone!)


Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: retail

BLACK FRIDAY- Good Marketing Strategy?

Since the economy crashed several years ago, many things have been suffering. Retail is one of them and this year, and companies and consumers take black friday as a day to make money and to”consume” at a great price point.

Although Thanksgiving is next weekend, many large retailers like Target, Macy’s, and Walmart (all major competitors against one another) are already making large advertisements  to ensure they have  people in store.

0 BLACK FRIDAY  Good Marketing Strategy?

The ad insists what consumers should prep. for the biggest deals of the year.

However, is it bad enough that the stores are opening right at 12 a.m., instantly right after the bird is gone? In 2010, Black Friday was open for business at 4 or 5 a.m. This year, Walmart, opens at 10p.m. Thanksgiving day while Target and Macy’s open two hours after.

I say, their marketing is done horribly. Macys being one of them since they always run their promotional ads the day before or two days prior from the actual event. For television advertising, companies pay at least 6 figures to have their ad played since its usually 15-20 seconds and promoting about a day before the actual event.  A corporation like Walmart,  has a lot of money but does not know how to market their business very well.

Is it worth the money to campaign their companies like this?


- Cut back costs on advertising  and make sales through their customer service and product.

- Stop opening unnecessary card accounts (only reason why they’re still in business)!

Scary to think stores like this open at 12 a.m. Are you one of the many consumers that goes shopping at the crack of dawn?

Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: Marketing


Things to do in order to do well in whatever you’re marketing



Try to obtain as much coverage on the company you’re working for. Through Social Media, Facebook and Twitter are the biggest and have a strong following, marketing a product can be easy and get a strong hold on your clientele. Also having a blog about new updates is good too. Remember: Your target market loves new things!


Try to make a short video or infomercial or any how to guides to keep your audience occupied. It will give your viewer something to look forward to when coming back to your company!


Make sure you have emails and contacts of your past clients or potential ones to update them on new things that are coming up. That way, you can remind them that you’re still around and that cool things are coming their way!


Having give aways and prizes are good sources of keeping your clientele- and having fun.


Make sure your presence online is on point and fresh. No one likes dead space!

Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: Gaming

Future of XBOX Kinect

0 Future of XBOX Kinect

XBOX 360 released the Kinect about one year ago and today it is growing faster to the masses as ever. In the  video, shows the future of Kinect, where people are able to do extraordinary things with like scientific research, playing instruments, physical therapy etc. Although known for playing games, Microsoft has taken this widely popular  item and emerge it into mass audiences specifying in specific audiences. This shows the future for the  game controller, and what holds for the future of Microsoft.

Through these largely interactive gaming prototype, they are going to make a lot of revenue from this game controller alone!

The Nintendo Wii has some competition( and the competition seems to be winning), what’s your take on this Nintendo?

Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: Advertising Campaign

ASICS runs an interactive advertising campaign

0 ASICS runs an interactive advertising campaign

Vitro and ASICS America created an interactive and innovative campaign in New York’s Columbus Circle subway. The 60 ft. installation challenges passerby to race against Ryan Hall, a United States Marathon runner, where ASics is sponsoring the ING New York City Marathon.

the installation also gives people something to do, and according to the video, no injuries have been made but keep civilians entertained!

I love how the design aesthetic gives an instant boost gives this entertaining feeling to their posting!

Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: Branding

What to not do with Branding!

Often when one would start out in the business, they are small and do not have many connectors that would make them elaborate enough to compete with bigger companies. According to Precision Intermedia, they created a list of what not to do when you’re branding a product!


must have same name name, logo, tag line in every contact inside and outside of the company.
you must embed your client with your name, color choice and anything that represents your company as a whole.

Your Company is your identity!


We  are all visual people where when we see a picture of a logo, we can immediately identify what it is. Have a very clear pictureo f what you want your brand to represent and to capture the audience!


Often times when starting a company, it is hard to find work. Of course you want to have a group of people to have working. but start out small with several people that have the same mind and concept as you do.


Whenever a new contact roams around, make sure your write down how they got refer to you. With this information, you can see what marketing strategy works and what doesn’t to get your name out there.


As a start up, try to get your name out as much as possible. Word of Mouth tends to go around and asking what people think of your product can better your brand and  get more referrals that way.


living in the digital age, every one wants new content, consistently. Make sure your anything that you have your brand on  is going to be updated. Consumers and audience get bored easily.


Focus your idea on the main procession. What type of entertainment business do you want to be in? Studios, Public Relations, Styliing? have a main concept and have other subcategories in your business. With one focus, you can drive more revenue.


Make sure your tagline (if you have one) for your company is good with what you represent. Branding is crecial and to be successsful with it, make sure whatever you’re saying is what you’re representing!


Often times, finding a tag line is very tricky and hard. Think about your brand. What do you want it to portray? This is your identity. With this tag line, it will gain many new connections and people to it. Think wisely.


you are the brains of the company. Get multiple perspectives on product, service, and other key elements to run your business. Also make sure your staff knows that too!



Date: November 9th, 2011
Cate: Product Placement
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Film and Product Placements

Today, advertising is seen everywhere and everything. There is possibly no way you can escape something through advertisements on television, billboards, bus benches, internet sites, and even films. How you may ask? Large companies like, Tide Detergent or Doritos, choose to plant their products in films to get recognition and to boost revenue sales. Sometimes its done strategically and carefully, but other times it just obvious sans Doritos bag.

There are many films that take part of a sponsorship from multiple major companies but it just doesn’t just end with junk food.

According to Thought Catalog, earlier this year, un-named companies spent about $45 million in just brand and product placement in the next James Bond Film. It is reported to be the most expensive product placement in cinema history! Isn’t that crazy? $45 million in JUST product placements. However, seeing how any James Bond movie is, there is a lot of chase, but also a lot of products (Luxury cars, hotels, dining spots, weapons, etc) and many that others do not know!

One movie I think that is done quite humorously, is Talledega Nights featuring Will Ferrell and numerous other stars that remotely, make fun of product placements in films. One scene in particular, is when the family is all eating lunch or dinner. If you take one snap shot of it, there are MANY well known American brands we see.

Talledega 300x190 Film and Product Placements

(Photo courtesy of :Groucho Review)

NASCAR is known for many sponsorships and this movie classically captures the power of the super brands!

Although this movie parodies product placement, there are many other movies out there that have brands that are not quite obvious.

Do you think Films (unlike the one above) is losing quality due to mass eruption of product placements?

enjoy a scene of that movie via Youtube

0 Film and Product Placements