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Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: Beauty, Marketing, Mobile


Beauty and Smartphones are creating new buzz.

In the video above shows iphone users and an Ad in Vogue Magazine where you can see a make up tutorial if you put the iphone on the silouette.

I guess there are a lot of Iphone users now and that the make up company created such a good marketing campaign.

Many people today have smart phones and through technology  there is a lot of digital interaction.

This is such a great marketing strategy because with this, consumers are able to see how the make up is applied and how the colors work.

Instead of having the product itself, they can see how it is and have video interaction with it.

Great way of marketing and promotin this product.

I am seeing maybe this could be another way to lure more people into getting smart phones (or iphones alone!)


Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: retail

BLACK FRIDAY- Good Marketing Strategy?

Since the economy crashed several years ago, many things have been suffering. Retail is one of them and this year, and companies and consumers take black friday as a day to make money and to”consume” at a great price point.

Although Thanksgiving is next weekend, many large retailers like Target, Macy’s, and Walmart (all major competitors against one another) are already making large advertisements  to ensure they have  people in store.

0 BLACK FRIDAY  Good Marketing Strategy?

The ad insists what consumers should prep. for the biggest deals of the year.

However, is it bad enough that the stores are opening right at 12 a.m., instantly right after the bird is gone? In 2010, Black Friday was open for business at 4 or 5 a.m. This year, Walmart, opens at 10p.m. Thanksgiving day while Target and Macy’s open two hours after.

I say, their marketing is done horribly. Macys being one of them since they always run their promotional ads the day before or two days prior from the actual event. For television advertising, companies pay at least 6 figures to have their ad played since its usually 15-20 seconds and promoting about a day before the actual event.  A corporation like Walmart,  has a lot of money but does not know how to market their business very well.

Is it worth the money to campaign their companies like this?


- Cut back costs on advertising  and make sales through their customer service and product.

- Stop opening unnecessary card accounts (only reason why they’re still in business)!

Scary to think stores like this open at 12 a.m. Are you one of the many consumers that goes shopping at the crack of dawn?