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Date: November 17th, 2011
Cate: network

three things to network successfully

To network specifically, here are some quick things to make sure you’re doing it correctly!

1) Location

Make sure you’re going to the right thing. Mixers can help you and there are usually some that focus on small businesses for example if you’re starting out. It will make and general alot and with sometimes over 25-100 businesses, there is alot of variety where you can find people and connect with. Although networking general business growth tend to have low return,  networking g with groups can be worthwhile!

2) human Nature

Kind of weird to say, but newtorking mizers are bad some times. all they do is talk about one another!~ Well the only thing you can really do is make time and comitment to have a desire to get some business in the long run.

find a solution if you have a problem,  having an association to have their tendency and able to compile thoughts, you’re on the right track to do so.

3) Prospect, not you!

networking is about relationships, and relationships are built on respect and connecting with one . Being ablet o engage in a conversation where both parties are able to elaborate on what’s going on, and how to make a connection is key to networing.

Also having a solid background on what your saying could bring revenue and investment if done correctly!